I’m working backwards a bit, so i’ve decided to split up this year into two. So without futher ado, last year:

2008 2008

– Joined Image –

23 Responses to “2005-2008”

  1. Very interesting topic, appreciate it for putting up. ceakgfdkaedk

  2. can you someday please post the 2004-2007 calendars plsss… i really am relying on your calendars in looking for anime series….

  3. Thank you so much you so helpful to knowing anime series

  4. where is 2004-2007 can you put some review . So I will know about anime history ?

  5. hey where is 2005-2007

  6. Keep Up the Good Work. This is missing history.
    So this is a good source to keep track of Anime series that
    have ever release in history. Or you can say a much easier and simple way to find what anime have ever came out and what year it came out.

    Best Regards.

  7. Hey, I’ve been following your site for some time and gotta say, brilliant work chartfag!!! Thank you so much, I’m looking forward to the 2004-2007 charts as well as your more recent ones, superb work on all you’ve done :)

  8. Thanks alot. Your charts are always helpful for me. I Hope you will continue releasing charts for 04-07 years. Good luck with defeating you laziness. ;)

  9. Ok, I’ll watch every single one in this chart… Or maybe most of them xD

  10. That ?
    where aaaarrrreeeeee 2004-2007?
    Know where I can find the missing years

  11. You forgot Kannagi, didn’t you?

  12. No 2006 =(

  13. where is 2004-2007? :(

  14. Wait, I don’t understand why there’s only 3 shows listed for Winter 08/09…

    Weren’t there a lot more on this chart?

    • The 2008 chart only has shows that aired in 2008, naturally. The other shows aired in 2009. It’s not the best system but it’s accurate regarding dates.

      • Ah, that makes sense. I remember Akikan!’s first episode airing a week early… was that the case with Kurokami and Maria+Holic too?

      • I believe it was. In retrospect, I should have not counted them – I didn’t for Macross, after all.

  15. wow, i mised many series :((

  16. Wow!!! that chart is soooooooooo awesome! Good job! :-D

  17. you really deserved some credits… tnx for the hard work

  18. Thank you very much for making this.

  19. I found some potentially interesting series I had missed from this. Thanks!

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