Spring 2009

Version 4 (omg update lol)
This is probably the last one for Spring, there can’t possibly be any more left with a week to go.
I changed the summaries for Mazinger and Valkyria Chronicles due to weapons-grade complaint drives, though whether they are actually right is another matter. Too late now, hahah.
To make things slightly more convenient, I added some Weekdays, though Area 11’s – what appears to be a – 26-hour clock makes as much sense as any other japanese system of organisation (read: little), but i’m sure its somehow unreasonably efficient.
There are also some shiny new pictures and maybe a few other other extra things I have apathetically neglected to remember.
As for some shows that have faded into the void – Appleseed’s studios are squabbling over finances, COBRA TV seems to be non existant and Rainbow seems to have been pigeonholed. Bakugan and Robo Crosser also lack news, but then again, I question what you traded your dignity for if you are seriously anticipating these. If there are any other shows, then it’s their fault for being late to the graphical party.
Sunday is going to be a fun day,  i’m sure.
(this is 2mb. there’s a limit to how artifacty this thing can get in jpg format)

Spring 09

Spring 09

In case you’re still considerate/bored enough to read this, then I may as well mention that my most anticipated are Eden of the East, Shangri-La, Guin Saga, FMA and K-ON. Combine those and I suppose you get naked alchemists defending royalty from ecoterrorists with guitars – oh, I would totally watch that.

Anyways, enjoy. Summer season starts in July, but it looks like the current line-up could tide anyone over, it’s  great so far.

..oh, and if any fansubbers are reading this

1: We don’t need you all subbing FMA.

2: Script files are really useful. If you release .ass or .srt files first, it makes much more sense. Seriously, try it.

~ by Chartfag on March 15, 2009.

9 Responses to “Spring 2009”

  1. Great job for making this list and reupdating it for us.

  2. Great job bro, thanks!!!!

  3. Thanks. I appreciate you making the charts and updating them every season. It really is very helpful.

  4. Thanks for making the chart! It’s very useful for kick-starting talk about the coming season.

  5. I love you more than bears love honey, chartfag!

  6. It is nice to see that you have your own site now.

  7. “Welkin and his fellow soldiers of the Federation’s 7th Platoon”


    Gallia is not a part of the Federation.

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