Summer 2009

Version 3, Final Version. Enjoy.

Cobra follows Winter Sonata in being the Duke Nukem Forever of anime, and Ichizon also goes back by a season. A few less and more OVAs to boot.

Now with weekdays. I decided to go with animesuki dating method (I’m still confused by Japanese time), so that everything seems later than it might officially be – considering you have to wait for RAWs and Subs alike, it’s closer to how we might watch said shows anyway, so blegh.

Fall shows are also starting to be announced, so i’ll have that line-up in a month.

_ _ _

If you want to translate this chart into another language, you can use this:

PNG File –

You’ll need the image-editing program “Fireworks” to make any changes to it. You can also download it as a general High Quality image.

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Summer 09

Summer 09

Newer Oldness:

Here be Version 2 , just before the sugoi~ (stop that) Summer season officially begins, though it truly gets going in July. Cue applause..or something.

This version has OVAs and TV Specials, Continuing OVAs and TV specials, four new shows, a few more pretty pictures, dates and months for OVAs and TV series respectively, and more ORANGE, because you can never have enough. Basically i’m experimenting with colourschemes and such, to liven up the image and not stap people’s eyes out with primary colours – and of course to appease the Designfag inside. There are also a few added boxes, lines and font placements, all for the good cause of pretentiousness.

(This uncouth image has decided to rebel and poke out the sides a bit, I don’t understand MACHINE CODE so I guess it’s stuck there)

Enjoy! And by that I mean stop bitching, herpderp. (In case you can’t SEE this image, try clicking on it. I still refuse to believe people can’t read this in full and weren’t just squinting at the blurry thumbnail)

Double Oldness:

soon… Now –

– with a hazardous colour scheme stolen directly from Newgrounds. At least there aren’t any bee or wasp related anime or I could be accused of favouritism. There are, however, Wolves, Cobras, blue things from uncanny alley and Seafaring felines.

Yet again, I hasten you to TAKE NOTE OF WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY:- Neither the images, nor the summaries, can paint an accurate picture of the anime it describes. It will be close, but before you judge an anime, wait for it and watch it – or do the proper thing and make use of  sites such as ANN to check out the stafflisting and see what things they worked on. From this, you can work out that shows like CANAAN have experienced people working on it and will perhaps be very professionally done, whereas shows like Sora no Manimani probably will not be. /rant

Most Spring shows pass the baton in July. And really, Spring 2009 has been very good, with a large variety of  decent shows displaying lots of different themes and quality, and a handful of anime rising even above that. It certainly leaves a better impression than 2008.

As a result, it seems the backlash of inevitable harem and moe flicks distills into Summer season – though there are certainly a good bunch of enjoyable and intriguing anime shows on offer, which gives more prospects than last year (which incidently, is when I started this charting lark). You have innovative concepts in the form of Tokyo Magnitude and Element Hunters, loveable sequels from Brains Base and Shaft, some nice slice-of-life manga adaptations such as Aoi Hana, the mandatory Visual Novel anime of Canaan and Umineko, and even blasts from the past – Cobra.

Anyways, enjoy this season, and anticipate the next.

~ by Chartfag on June 25, 2009.

55 Responses to “Summer 2009”

  1. My brother suggested I may like this website. He
    was once totally right. This post actually made my day.
    You can not imagine just how so much time I had spent for this information!
    Thank you!

  2. Good lord, please tell if what I’m seeing is true. Motherfucking Cobra the TV series? I love that!!! ;-)

  3. You are missing Kara no kyoukai 6 (the garden of sinners) which will be released on 29th July

  4. clannad another world came out last year lol?

  5. The charts you’ve made have been really useful in keeping up to date with the upcoming anime. I think this one is as cool as the previous one. It is nice to finally know where these are actually coming from. Looking forward to the v3! Just wondering, in my school we have just made a blog for our anime club, can we use your charts on the blog. This is only to help increase the awareness of students in school towards anime. Just wanted to ask for permission since you are doing all of the hard work by putting everything together. We will of course mention that this blog is the source. [Thank you for making these charts.(from one anime fan to another)]

  6. Fuck.




  7. love ur charts fag :D

  8. Not sure why nobody else commented on this, but the Weiss Schwarz show isn’t actually “Weiss Schwarz”, it’s “Weiss Survive”.

  9. Russian version resides here:

    Link is permanent, although pic may change over time (small fixes etc).

    • Cool! I’m glad to see you made use of the chart.

      As for whether you can use Fireworks to edit the text on the PNG file – yes, you can. Unlike Photoshop which has its own extension, Fireworks simply doubles up the PNG format so it can be used as both a working file and a simple image. Of course, to access it and edit the PNG, it needs to be directly downloaded – hosting it online and saving the image from there would just turn it into a regular image.

  10. Thank you for posting so many useful informations. Can i ask you a favour?
    Where did you get those information from? You say you got from sites and blogs.
    Can I have those link to it? Even if it’s in Japanese or Chinese, im fine with it.
    I been to many sites and likes to see more sites. Hope you reply to me. Thanks in advance.

    • Some links are on the right under “blogroll”, as well as mentioned in the References section of the chart itself.

    • All links to information is on the right under “blogroll”

  11. Any idea when Cooking with the Japanese Bird gets animated?

    Also thx for the updated chart (^3^)

  12. Does anyone know when Sasameki Koto will air? Somone said it aired this summer(and someone said July 1st).

  13. Thanks for the work as usual. I did not notice season already started until today.

    Russian translation underway~

    Btw, does that Fireworks thingy actually allow you to edit text on this PNG image? I still don’t want to look for that program (actually, found more than one with this name), I’ll just paint text with background color and write new one ^^

  14. Thanks as always, chartfag. These season lists are always really useful to me.
    One question though: in v3 you used the 24th of July as the date for Higurashi Rei vol. 4, but isn’t that only the release of the blu-ray version? I though that the DVD version came the 24th of this month (June).
    If you used the blu-ray date, than it’s inconsistent with vol. 5, because (afaik) the blu-ray version always comes a month after the DVD version.

    • To be honest, i’m very ignorant of the specifics, i’m just going by the descriptions of other blogs and websites. I’m not really sure either way, but i’ll keep it there as a means for people who want to look into it further.

  15. I think you do a great job of shoving as much info and graphics into these charts as possible. Keep up the good work!

  16. Finally found where these charts were coming from! \o/

    You’re seriously awesome for making these, by far the easiest way to be up to date on all the shows airing. Thanks a million.

  17. Great job on all charts by the way. Have you ever considered making php/flash badges for all the airing shows :) ? Actually, I’m thinking of making one based from your charts so that everyone can post it in their sidebar. It will have scrolling images that are linked to their official site and a small ticker at the bottom that will display any new additional shows to the season.

  18. Cobra: Rokunin no Yushi is getting delayed to 2010, I think, looking at the site’s news page.

  19. You’re missing xxxHolic: Shunmuki

  20. No Suzumiya Haruhi on that list?

    With the Release of the new Episode (8), Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, it’s more or less confirmed a 2nd season ,except it’s air in proper order “chronologically”.

    Maybe Haruhi’s awesomeness is too much for the list to handle lol :P… although everyone who cares about haruhi, already knows & expects a 2nd season season this summer anyway lol.

    • It’s neither a new TV show nor a continuing OVA, and it hasn’t started in Summer, so it doesn’t really go anywhere. That’s mainly Kadokowa’s fault for being too erratic with its schedule, they can suffer for trying to be too edgy and sly with their overrated property and using their fan’s maddening devotion to stall for time and be sensationalist.

      • It’s officially the 2009 version of TMoHS but OK. Which would’ve needed to be on the Spring chart so it’s pretty much a lost cause now.

        *late post is late*

      • You dumbass, it should count as a summer show like anything else. Don’t let your own ignorant biases produce an inaccurate list.

        Guess it’s a good thing you’ve retired.

  21. Gendai Mahou will start on 11.07.2009 Channel BS11, a special will be aired on 04.07


  22. Still no signs of Rainbow Nisha…

  23. “Bakemonogatari” and “Zan Sayonata Zetsubou-sensei”!!!!! The best side of SHAFT is back, I hope that two series make me forget that thing called “Natsu no Arashi”.

    Many thanks for the chart.

    P.S.: Oh! “Winter Sonata” has been delayed again, but I don’t really care too much about ir.

  24. Is it approriate to report errors here? Anyway, here it is:

    Spice and Wolf II:
    Actually co-produced with Marvie Jack. Source:

    Winter Sonata:
    Scheduled for end of 2009, not summer. Quoted from an interview: “今年末に韓国と日本での放映”

    Tokyo Magnitude 8.0:
    Cinema Citrus actually spelt Kinema Citrus. Source:

    GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class:
    Actually produced by AIC PLUS+ (Quiz Magic Academy’s) not AIC (Asu no Yoichi).

    • Thanks, I appreciate your help! If you see any more errors in the future, don’t hesistate to mention them.

    • Winter Sonata is turning into the Duke Nukem Forever of anime. That’s the 2nd time it’s been pushed back since it was announced.

  25. yay, aoi hana. thnx

  26. It looks pretty ugly. Obviously not even half the effort put into it this time.

    • You mean the line-up, or the actual chart itself? It will change over the next few months, you do realise…

      • I like the new style, although I don’t think it’s better or worse than the previous one.

  27. Good work, but I see you’ve got Canaan listed as a Synergy production. Isn’t it P.A.Works?

    • Is is indeed PA Works, which I knew from the start, actually. I guess I got messed up between obscure studios with initials. I might fix that now, actually.

  28. Thanks for the good work, yet again. I’m personally looking forward to Spice and Wolf 2, ZSZS, and CANAAN the most. So far, the season isn’t looking too bad, at least in my opinion.

  29. So it is done…well v1 anyway. Thank you for the hard work

  30. bad ass work man, keep it up!

  31. I think this is better than ordered by release date
    thank you man!! great job!

  32. Sir, alphabetical order for the love of god!

  33. Good lord, please tell if what I’m seeing is true. Motherfucking Cobra the TV series?

  34. thanks for the effort you do with this!, you are doing a great job

  35. Woot! thanks for all the work.
    These things save me every season

  36. Nice, so quick already. A question though, might it be possible for you to update the RSS feed whenever you update a chart in an already existing post? That would make it easier to find updates for the charts.

    Great work either way, good luck.

    • Oh lord, i’m embarrassed to say I have no idea what RSS feeds are or how to update them. I guess now’s the time to learn…

      • RSS feeds are pretty much just site-checkers for lazy people. Very useful. I don’t know the specifics on how to do it exactly, but hopefully you can get it working. If not, no worries, I’ll learn of the updated charts in time anyway. Keep going.

      • Sadly I think updates of same post will not be noticed by RSS aggregators (it’s unique item identifier will be the same even though content has changed). Therefore the only way to keep RSS users up to date is posting new versions as new posts – but I guess that does not go well with current concept of this blog.

        Oh, I only noticed those posts to be pretty old by now, so don’t wanna remove what I already wrote :D Anyways, when should we expect V3 if there will be one? I wanna translate that one in russian.

      • Ahh, okay. I’ve only just worked out how to change the publishing date, if that counts. Seems not, in context of RSS.

        Anyways, there will indeed be a V3 – my current system is monthly installments (which provides a nice graduation in info on the next season whilst not trying to totally remove any buzz about the current one), so i’m hoping to have the final one completed just before the season fully begins – then all the relevant information regarding air dates, the weekdays they air and other such things should be available and comprehensive by then. I might do it earlier if there’s no point waiting, but wait for the end of June, anyways.

        Regarding translating it to Russian, I can actually send you the original png file that allows you to edit it – which should speed up things notably. You will need Fireworks for it, but it shouldn’t be too hard to edit.

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