Fall 2009

It be here.

I’ve gone for a mildly soviet colourscheme this season, to link in with all the pretentious Autumnal thematic inclusions. In fact, why is it “Fall” anyway? Real men say “Autumn”.

This time round i’ve chosen to include “alternative titles”, so people know both names – when choosing the larger title, i’ve gone for precedent and understandability (not sure that’s a word). I’m no translator, i’m just going by the interpretations of others, so be sure to correct me on any relevant glaring translation mistakes.

I’ve also decided to put back in the “adaption/sequel/etc” indicators from Winter 08 cos they’re handy, and depending, I might include the networks each show is airing on for V2, both to indicate fansubbers and provide info for those who like to use live streaming.

The spread of shows is fairly conventional. A few more famous shounen, some deeper shows, action, and plenty of moe, harem, bad eroge adaptations, etc.

High Quality Version, able to be edited with the program ‘Fireworks’ – http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PE84CGGM

I apologise for the blurry thumbnail, Jpeg compression and the colour Red don’t agree.

Spanish – http://www.anime.cl/portal/media/pics_noticias/Fall2009_Spanish_Version_by_Animecl.png
Arabic – http://img188.imageshack.us/img188/2946/fall2009v1asar.jpg

Fall 2009

Fall 2009

~ by Chartfag on July 27, 2009.

65 Responses to “Fall 2009”

  1. You have made some really good points there. I checked on the net to find out more about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this site.

  2. Since this is linked on the side menu, shouldn’t it be the Final version and not V1 ?


  3. When will be aviable version 2 or final?

  4. When will be aviable version 2?

  5. Will you add the start dates into the chart later?

  6. Where is Astro Fighter Sunred Season 2?
    IIRC its going to be called “Zoku Tentai Senshi Sunred”

  7. WHERES MY FUCKING V2??!?!?!?

  8. Hey Chartfag thanks for the charts. Been following these the last few seasons and they’re useful to have a quick check what’s coming up.

    I decided to start translating it to french for the fun of it. I can edit the titles/descriptions just fine but I can’t seem to select any text at the top like “Fall 2009” or the months. Any idea why’s that? *using Fireworks CS4 by the way*

    • The Top titles are locked to prevent them being selected when i’m trying to edit other things. Simply clicking the padlock symbol on the Layers Tab on the right should make them free to edit.

      Next time i’ll make sure none of it is locked :x

  9. Chartfag, hey Chartfag. When are you going to release V2 of the Autumn Season preview (fuck Fall)?

  10. Here a corected version (Thanks Shachou)

    thanks for you too Chartfag for your great work!

  11. Darker Than Black a continuation :D
    letter bee
    Natsu no Arashi this is good :D
    Fairy Tail, read the manga
    11eyes. It sounds interesting
    and Nogizaka Haruka. those are the anime’s that I’m going to watch :D

  12. very nice work, this came in handy when looking up stuff i missed this past years, well played

  13. I have finished doing the Arabic version of the chart. I even included the showing time and updated some pictures. Waiting for the second version ^^

    in high quality

  14. wow tanks ! it help me a lot to do my anime opening and ending list …

    *sorry for my bad english …

  15. love youre charts they help alot chooseing what to watch^~^ keep up the great work!

  16. Railgun, Asura Cryin 2, Queens Blade S2 and Heaven’s Lost Propriety… *aaaahhhnnn~*


  17. Kobato, yey! Yey great!

  18. Hey I want to tranlate the chart to spanish but i cant edit the header (fall 2009, and the months) in fireworks. Any ideas?

    • Ahh, that’s because they’re locked to stop me accidentally clicking on them, sorry about that. If you just click the Lock-symbol on that particular layer so it dissapears, it should make it all editable again.

      Example – (http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/8843/fwks.jpg)

      Obviously, make sure you have got the layers bar up.

      Be sure to show me the results!

  19. Damn, nothing interesting to watch.

    That aside, thanks alot for the chart!

  20. Whoa~ Thanks for compiling these to-be-expected animes!
    Really appreciate your work ^_^

  21. hey!
    great work, wondering if i could post this up on Animeiso.com

  22. Btw, when do you think you will have a v2 up? i belive thier will be more shows right?

  23. Some typos/errors:

    Choudenjibou -> Choudenjihou
    Kimi no Todoke -> Kimi ni Todoke
    Fuuyuu no Sonata -> Fuyu no Sonata
    Kampfer -> Kämpfer
    New Koihime Musuo -> True Koihime Musou (the kanji is 真, not 新)

    • Some of those mistakes were just foolish typos on my end, but there are things there I missed. Thanks very much for taking time to scrutinise it, I appreciate your help.

      • No problem. I also appreciate your work.

        Though there are some more things I didn’t notice at first:

        In my opinion, it would be better to make it more discernible whether a title is official or not by always putting the official title (= the Japanese one, unless there is also an official English one) first, especially since some of the translations are a bit off or maybe too liberal. For example, “tatakau” = “to fight”, so “Fighting Librarians” would be more accurate than “Armed Librarians”. “Comet of Gemini” is wrong, “ryuusei” means “meteor/shooting star” and the relation is mixed up: “Gemini of the Meteor” would be correct.

        It would probably also be better to simply change “To Aru Kagaku no Choudenjihou” to “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun”, since that’s how the Japanese title is supposed to be pronounced (same as “To Aru Majutsu no Index” where “index” is actually written with the kanji for “kinsho mokuroku” (meaning “index of forbidden books”, like Index’ full name)). Similarly, you can change “Seiken no Katanakaji” to “Seiken no Blacksmith”.

        Also, some of the summaries are lacking a period at the end.

        Still, I think you’re doing a great job and I’d gladly help out with quality checking/suggestions.

      • I suppose it might make more sense to apply Japanese first, but seeing as the point of these charts is to increase the accessibility people have to new anime, i’m trying to fit that in as well – applying english names in some circumstances adds a bit more ease in remembering certain shows. Generally I try to lean towards precedent (in the case of manga and such), but also what works better as a title.

        On the Darker than Black thing, I was basing that off various different interpretations, so no surprises it might be considered wrong – no doubt that if I were to change it, someone would say the new translations is wrong (and I don’t want to cop-out with a japanese phrase instead). Tatakau Shisho being “Armed Librarians” was based off some summaries I read around, and the fact that generally “Fighting Librarians” as a title strikes me as pretty dumb – and perhaps not possessing the same finesse it might do in its original language. For Railgun, both Japanese and English are present, so I see no need in mixing them up. Blacksmith’s alt-title may be unnecessary, I agree.
        Feel free to press your points if they strike you as important, i’m simply being an interpreter here.

        And yeah, generally I admit my proof-reading wains a bit with 25-odd summaries staring back at me, but at least by the sounds of it the typos aren’t too widespread.

        As for your offer of Quality Checking, I could actually use a hand. Judging by your corrections, you have some knowledge of written japanese (of which I have none), and that could be very useful in making these charts as accurate as possible. If you can read Moonphase or 2ch, that would be even more useful. I’ll send you an e-mail about that.

  24. what about Miracle Train?


    (waits for your release of V2)

    • Well, you basically answered your own question.

      I’m just wondering how many more are yet to be announced.

  25. Fairy Tail, Kobato, and tits with swords…
    This is going to be a great fall

  26. To Aru Kagaku , Asura Cryin’ 2 , Queens Blade 2 , Love them all :D

  27. Excellent, thanks! I’ll be expecting one every season from now on \o/

  28. Great job! But may I suggest to change the color for the alternative title?
    small text in red on the black background isn’t a very good idea

  29. Chartfag. HA! that’s brilliant

  30. You are internet +1.


  32. Trapeze fuck yeah. Great work with the chart as always. The soviet colours, despite not matching fall (autumn), look good.

  33. You should edit the summary for To Aru Kagaku no Choudenjibou, chartfag.

    Mikoto is a civilian, while Kuroko is a member of judgment.

  34. So….many….sequels….

  35. Nice work as always.

    [quote]The spread of shows is fairly conventional.[/quote]
    If you ignore existence of mecha genre, of course…

    Are you sure DtB is planned for Fall?

  36. WHAT!!!!
    could they at least minimize the number of anime that is airing in japan….they’re in a recession….Damn it!
    I’m or most of us will be having problems subbing and downloading those shows…
    oh well it ain’t that bad…
    and ChartFag<<<<<<YOUR AWESOME!!!!
    and please post a forum of this on crunchyroll
    so that nobody will claim that this is their work…THANKS

  37. I love you, Charfag. Also, the season looks pretty good.

  38. So many sequ– I mean, continuations. I can’t argue with the idea of breaking up 26 episode series into two 13 episode seasons. If it tanks, the sponsors can cut their losses faster. And we all know how much anime loves running in the red.

    Also, ten bucks says Eternal Sonata will get pushed back again.

  39. It’s “Kimi ni Todoke” you typo’d “ni”.

    But thanks anyway!

  40. Hi.
    Is it possible to fill in the expected month of air (if there is no expected date to air) of the shows?

    thanks for you hard work.

    • No point, really – just assume the majority of TV shows are airing in October, that’s when they usually begin.

  41. Not bad. The upcoming season looks good.

  42. Cool, you gave the English translation of the names too
    Thanks, I think it will make typing out and remembering them a lot better

  43. thanx man!
    a great job as always!

  44. Pretty average looking season if you ask me.
    Thank Haruhi Cross Game will still be airing.

  45. I see Kobato there! =D

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