Yeah, I intended to get V2 out a week ago, and as you can see – i didn’t. Reason: I’m lazy. That and I was on holiday and i’ve got Real Life stuff to do now, so blegh.

Eventually some form of update will appear, at least before the actual season starts. Don’t keep your eyes peeled, it will get here eventually. Also, peeling your own eyes would be dangerous.

~ by Chartfag on September 8, 2009.

13 Responses to “”

  1. It’s missing Ai no Kusabi right now :0

  2. Uhh isn’t Jungle Emperor Leo already out? Or am I mistaken?

  3. I cannot wait till V2. I like you, chartfag.

  4. damn this no Nodame Cantabile Final !!! :(

  5. Hey Mr Chartfag, will you include Sunred season 2 on your chart?
    ANN says its going to be starting this fall:

  6. I want you to lightly touch the underside of my penis.

  7. I second that, make a new post please :) Oh and gj on those charts, they are really helpful :)

  8. Boo.

    Make sure next update shows up on RSS even if it means it has to be a new post. We are looking forward to it.

    • I still no 100% nothing about updating RSS feeds, so…maybe. If I can learn how they work.

      • I believe the RSS will auto update with every new post. But I don’t ever touch RSS so I could be wrong.

      • It automagically updates with new posts, that’s for sure. But updating post does not do the trick. anyways, you still keep old post even though it’s marked as old, so why not just make every new version a new post?

        Also, maybe you can at least just list already announced anime? I have 29 from ANN database, but Kotatsu neko and Romance of three kingdoms are not there, so I’d like to know what are other sources that can be easily looked at?

      • Woah there, do not bother with ANN, they are never on top of things.

        Instead, I recommend Moetron or Fansubwiki, both of which can be found in links on the right.

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