Fall 2009 – Version 2 (zomg)

Super early, as expected /feckless sarcasm

It’s done, finally, and basically sums up most of what you’ll be watching (or not, if you’re dull) for the next three months. Complete with OVAs and Continuations, per usual. Considering I have most of the airdates already, I have decided to order it properly now rather than later. Weekdays will come in V3. I’ve toned down the brightness of some of the reds to be kind of the eyes (I don’t have a bad pun this time), but as usual expect more artifacts than a museum (oh wait, yes I do) when it comes to jpeg compression.

Aoi Bungaku, or “Blue Literature”, seems a notable edition to the line-up, being an Ayakashi Tales-type setup with classic japanese literature, and as an extra bonus, some good character designers from the world of Shounen manga. Let’s just hope Tite Kubo isn’t drawing the backgrounds. Add that to R3K and you can pretend be all sophisticated and clever with your famous oriental books in animated form.

Miracle Train has to be seen to be believed. War Heroes, Soft Drinks, Countries and now this. Imagine something mundane or ordinary you can turn into anthropomorphic sexual symbols and make an anime out of it quick, whilst the trend still lasts!

That guy from Macross Frontier and Basquash has a new bizarre anime, Anyamaru, which can only be described in one word as “Japanese”. Something about bug-eyed girls turning into animals – and then with three separate studios. Take a shot every time somebody sings.

Also present is a second season of Sunred, some bizarre compilation show involving Shugo Chara, The Three Musketeers (there are clearly four people there, what’s going on?!) some kiddy show about scary hotels, some kiddy show about a rabbit-monkey hyrbid, some kiddy show about a Russian Crocodile, some Kiddy show about a Girl-and..

There’s also flash series called Secret Society Eagle Talon and another young’un show, Gokyoudai Monogatari, which I genuinely considered could be an anime adaptation of Little Britain.

And that seems to be all the new anime. Maybe not so exciting as last year’s surprise last entries, but at least Blue Literature could be very interesting.

And that’s it until the end of the month. Enjoy! (png download below)

Fall 09 V2

For those spanish, arabic or other nationalities amongst you who wish to translate this version to their own language, feel free. Using the image-editing program Fireworks, you can edit the original png contained here:

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FZ3IUH3A (8.34mb)

Some sections are locked to make it easier to edit, but now all important text can be changed. Be sure to post any translations so I can add them into this post.

~ by Chartfag on September 13, 2009.

39 Responses to “Fall 2009 – Version 2 (zomg)”

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  2. Many of guys talk about this subject but you said really true words!

  3. I see something called “TO” in the OVA section, but I can’t find anything about that anywhere. What’s the deal with that?

  4. I can’t read Japanese whatsoever, but it looks like the 3 Musketeers show isn’t an anime, but something to do with puppets instead. A new 3 Musketeers anime would have been sick, but this still might be something worthwhile.

  5. I love you chartfaggot.

  6. thank lot :D
    esperaba esto con ancias :D

  7. Thanks for the charts! It’s always useful to see stuff I might want to archive =)

    Any news on V3 though?

  8. Thank you a lot.
    This charts are amazing and very usefull!

  9. Hey Chartfag, thanks for the charts and also, here’s the version in spanish:

  10. thank you so much… this is really an useful info ^^

  11. *and with that i mean, the spaces between pictures made it kind of hard to set a Good readable font

  12. Well.. the font was kinda small so it was sort of hard to edit it to dutch,,, ah well, a bit bending over to read it is okay with me^^

  13. Also interested in ‘TO’ (T0 ?).
    Anyone has a AniDB link or something like that?

  14. Can’t you make the font of these charts a bit larger? It’s a fucking pain to always bend in front of the monitor to read the discription of a show.

  15. hey where’s nodame cantabile? maybe no nodame this upcoming season? :(

  16. Isnt The New Series Of Strike Witches Ment To Come Out In Fall?
    Just Thought I’d Point It Out.
    Thanks For The Chart Tho.

  17. Here it is! The Dutch version!

  18. im using Photoshop too for the Dutch Version

  19. here is the Arabic version of the chart

    Sorry Chartfag I uesd photoshop for editing cuz not many programmes support arabic and I’m used to photoshop.

    Thanks for the chart ^^

  20. Almost done with the first row of the Dutch version of the chart

  21. Thank you for the hard work! :)

    Misaka Misoto! :D

  22. For the 3 Musketeers, the reason is clear : They are 3 PLUS their captain, D’artagnan !

    3 Musketeers + 1 captain = 4.

    Everything is OK :-)

    Read the book to understand ;-)

  23. Tell me please what is “TO” in a “OVA / Special” block

  24. Yo chartbro, Trapeze is a novel and Kampfer is a light novel.

  25. Where’s Dance in the Vampire Bund? That’s airing this season, right? There’s already been a promo trailer.

  26. you forgot to add vol.3 of Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas

  27. Three Musketeers anime? That certainly came out of left field.

  28. typo for kimi no todoke?

  29. slowpoke MU…
    rs link, here..

  30. Yay! Thanks!

  31. Anime adaptation of Little Britain? I would so watch that.

    Anyone taking bets on what’s going to be delayed this season? I’m betting Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

  32. Hey chartfag, thanks for the V2!

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