Old Charts

Since the end of this decade is dawning upon us, I have decided to spend some time making up some charts summarising the anime in each year – they’re more basic than those for new anime, meant for reference you might want for anime checklists or material for debates or whatever you want.

Visual Guide to Anime of 2000

Visual Guide to Anime of 2000

Here’s the first. I can’t be bothered to do OVAs, as there are so many of them, much of which are either short, generall insignificant or just plain hentai.

~ by Chartfag on September 19, 2009.

16 Responses to “Old Charts”

  1. do you by any chance have ’90s anime data that can be compiled in a chart? that would be wicked awesome. hihihi.

  2. This is wonderful. I finally can see easily each season! THANKS!

  3. I support this idea

  4. What an awesome idea!!

    Thanks a bunch

  5. you rock man!
    this is a great idea!
    thanks for doing this ^^
    keep with the good work =D
    (sorry for my bad english D=)

  6. Great idea, looking forward to the other years!

  7. Why not to do it seasoned like 2008-2009? Ppl will miss something if you only pick best for your tastes imo.

    • lolwut? These are just meant to be overviews, not in-depth at all – these anime have aired and finished, so any information on them is already abundant.

      The only information missing is OVAs, otherwise that chart encompasses ALL TV series that aired in the year 2000, the dividing seasons meant only as an indicator to the point of the year they aired.

      Have you assumed this isn’t all of them, or something? No, this is all the anime series of 2000 – as you can see, there is much more anime today.

  8. Oh man, do I ever remember this year. Promo, green-haired-Kaiba art for YUGIOH in the back of the Animerica magazine EAST review section and me going, “WHAT? That is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, no way THATS gonna be popular.”

    I look forward to more, these will be VERY handy!

  9. Is Niea_7 supposed to show up twice with completely different pictures, one of them being “Baby Felix”?

  10. please make for other years, thanks

  11. Nice idea! Handy for reference.

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