Fall 09 – V3

A few minor updates regarding OVAs and such. Now with weekdays attached and a clashing ugly colour scheme intended merely to frustrate you. Nothing major, just a round-up before the bulk of Fall begins in a huge weekly rush (weekends = good).

As for the actual timing/airdates/day equivalent that may confuse more than a few people (ie “Kampfer comes out on Thursday, not Friday!”), i’m converting anything past 24:00 in Japanese time to the next day – it’s a bizarre system of television timing, and understandable even if it is whimsically pointless. Then there’s the matter of multiple timezones obscuring things further and …blegh. My logic for choosing this method is that the later the show seems to be released, the closer to a fansub release the day actually is, so there you have it, it’s the least dissapointing route.

And so, enjoy the Fall season. I command you to.



psd – http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UZ72JWI5 (not sure how effective this is)

png – http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T23XA52U

~ by Chartfag on October 1, 2009.

20 Responses to “Fall 09 – V3”

  1. Hey chartfag, i’d just like to say that i discovered the anime charts this year, and they’re really useful for me. Many thanks for your continued effort!

  2. You should check out my site I love your work by the way any chance you could do a news letter i would greatly appreciate it i dont have time to check here everyday for possible updates so you setting up a news letter would help me allot also if you like get in touch with me about getting a domain name i’ll pay for it and everything we can get you your own website your work deserves it

    • I think some sites offer newsletter functions, though personally I have no interest in doing one. The chart itself is work enough, hah.

      As for domain names – it’s tempting, but i’m not really aiming for much with this blog. After all, many of the earlier charts weren’t actually hosted anywhere, they were just posted on a message board so people could save and repost them, and they were spread round that way. And since I keep plastering this particular URL over the charts in an effort to let people know where they come from, seems little point in changing it now. Thank you for the offer, anyway – I do believe some people are hoping to set up some sort of interactive website of a similar format, so this stuff might end up there anyway.

    • You can just subscribe to the RSS feed:

  3. thank you, but, can you tell me where to visit the web page of the image? or it is a design of this page collection all the new animes? i want to check the anime named “TO” of that image. please reply this comment soon as possible im gonna check it again tonight. thank you.

  4. thank you very much,
    Your charts are incredibly useful. I greatly appreciate it.

  5. Still shitty small font I see.

    • Glasses are swell.

      • In Firefox:
        right-click on chart -> open in new tab
        then click image to un-resize then CTRL + and CTRL +

        You can see the image closely and since he uses low compression it zooms in quite nicely

        CTRL + and CTRL – will zoom in and out for your viewing pleasure.

  6. Thanks for the charts. Seen these a lot in the past, but never bothered to look up the link on the charts. Now that I am here finally, thanks for the charts.

  7. Thanks for the new chart. You are a true bro.

  8. what about using PNG with 9 (3MB file) strength compression instead of shitty 9 (over 9MB file)
    and thx for awesome work !!! :)

  9. btw Ai no kusabi where?

  10. Thanks a ton!!
    Keep up the good work next season(please!!! XD)

  11. Thanks!

    One more suggestion? Order chart by alphabetical order, so we could find things?

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