“How could I be condemned for the things I have done, If my intentions were good?”

Obscure song lyrics aside, Winter ’10 V2 is coming along slowly AND surely. However, I have stuff to do right now that determine how I spend a significant portion of the rest of my short life, so obviously this takes a back seat. If you’re feeling lucky, expect something this weekend.


~ by Chartfag on December 3, 2009.

9 Responses to ““How could I be condemned for the things I have done, If my intentions were good?””

  1. saw roy khan once live at a small place

    fucking blew my mind. never went to a concert ever before, and probably wont go to any others.

    i made sure my ear’s virginity was given to roy <3

  2. Wow, someone is listening to quality music here. I’m surely looking forward to the new album in 2010 :)

    • There’s a new album? cool. Hope it’s better than the last one, though, since Epica/The Black Halo were just so exceptional.

      • Ghost Opera was good in its own way. Although the first half was superior to the 2nd one big time. New album is said to be heavier and with a possibility on a new concept as well, which is awesome.

        Will be out February/March according to wiki. As long as I can hear Khan’s voice with decent instrumentation I’m a happy pandabear.

      • Really? I thought the Black Halo, whilst a bit less storylike, was much stronger. I do love Helena’s Theme, though.

        And February or March? That’s around the same time i’ll hopefully be seeing them live in London, fuck yeah.

      • Black Halo is their best, no doubt. Living in Australia sucks so hard, I doubt they’ll ever come out.

        Can’t believe it took me a second visit to the blog to realise where the quote was from.

  3. Hah, that Kamelot quote really surprised me.
    They are awesome.

    Looking forward to V2, good luck with your future too!

  4. Hey, I recognized one of my favorite Kamelot songs too \o/ Wish you a good luck on your future~

  5. I guess I’ll never know. Some things under the sun can never be understood.

    I don’t think we let you down. So come Messiah show us how. Throw us a pure lifeline. I hope that you hear me. Too proud to be around. There’s more to us than we see now.

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