Obnoxious Layout update

Due to boredom amongst other things, I’ve decided to get a new theme with a central layout, make a few icons for the most useful things on the site, stick in a new poll, play around with the sidebar, categorise and tag things, and play around with L shapes and call it a banner. I have a life, honest.
Anyways, enjoy~

~ by Chartfag on December 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Obnoxious Layout update”

  1. How to Copy an Existing Theme Layout to a New Blog Site.

  2. It’s sexy, brah.

  3. Don’t worry… I know the feeling… I usually lose track of the time when I catalogue nice stuff I’d like to own but could never afford into nicely arranged lists… Right now I’ve got 2159 items in 14 lists…
    I think you cleanliness is a bit more healthy…

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