New, Yeah

(Arabic Version)

[now with the CORRECT days of the week, soz]

A new year, a new batch of shows, and plenty of opportunity to ignore all the good anime that air and spend the rest of the  time complaining about anime not being as good as it used to be.  But hey, maybe this year you’ll get lucky and develop taste!

Rant aside, this is the final version of Winter’s Chart – Overall, 22 weekly TV shows and 12 new OVAs. I’ve decided to move Katanagatari back to TV because obviously that’s where it airs, but also it’s 12 episodes of an hour long regardless of what time they actually get put on TV – so it’s less of an OVA than most of the  single DVD releases that make up the main batch of OVA. Also, I needed some means of fitting The Legend Of Koizumi in, fuck year.

As for new shows, nothing besides short mobile gag thingies that I doubt people will watch…but wait! We have Cobra: The Animation as a late entry, so that could be a pleasant surprise of Manliness and Burning Spirit.

Have a nice new year, and enjoy this stupidly long chart.

Visual Preview for Winter 09/10

Winter 09/10

(Due to lack of any proper confirmation of Kuroshitsuji having a sequel, it’s not included)

~ by Chartfag on January 1, 2010.

36 Responses to “New, Yeah”

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  8. um… I just watched the 1st ep of “Ladies vs butlers” and it’s not quite the 5th of january yet. I don’t really mind the dates being a bit off anyways as long as I have this awsome chart telling me what to look out for this winter so thanks ^.^

  9. you now about skip beat????

  10. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series Episode
    You’ll be wasted by the end of this episode……. Yugioh the abridged series was scripted and put together by littlekuriboh were created by Kazuki Takahashi and 4Kids censored the anime to the full extent of evil

  11. Dear chartfag, please can you host those standardised reccomended anime images. we are getting alot of requests for them and your site seems like an apt place to put them.


  12. “But hey, maybe this year you’ll get lucky and develop taste!”

    When Osama bin Laden becomes President of the US and starts mass genocide on us Americans, I’ll get back to you on “taste.”

  13. Thanks, sorry to make you wade through so much crappy anime for us.

    I hear we should know when
    Kuroshitsuji will be out January 30th.

    When you do a spring schedule “Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru” is confirmed fo april.

  14. Thanks for you hard work, Chartfag!
    You’re helping out alot of people with every one you release!

  15. LOOL @ THE ARAB V on qwaser of stigmata ther is red text on the photo witch means ( real shit )

  16. I know this is kind of late but I just finished the arabic version:

    thank you very much for your hard work ^^

  17. Chartfag, what do you think about adding info about which group’s going to sub this or that show from fansubwiki or at least mark crunchyroll’d titles?

    • Sub groups are very loosely associated with shows, and can change regularly. All I have is rumors to go by, and sub groups can always drop shows halfway through. It’s much to complex to put into a chart.

  18. Thanks for the list :)

  19. damn it looks like crunchyroll wont sub qwaser of stigmata

  20. Hey, cool. Fixteded Heartcatch Precure ^_^

  21. fuck yes k-on with guns

  22. and Yugioh the movie, premiere: 23/01/10????

  23. yo. i love the charts. the world is not complete without chartfag.

  24. ty for list i will come back to this website (after one year ) lol

    btw i watched some of the new animes on manga whats ther problem with breasts ??

  25. um… I just watched the 1st ep of “Ladies vs butlers” and it’s not quite the 5th of january yet. I don’t really mind the dates being a bit off anyways as long as I have this awsome chart telling me what to look out for this winter so thanks ^.^

  26. I think you are using the picture for Fate/Stay Night unlimited blade works, not the TV reproduction.

  27. Thanks for the work that you put into these charts chartfag. Concerning taste, I rather have no taste than to submit myself to fanservice ridden, moe blob shows. At least Durarara and Cobra look interesting.

  28. Chartfag is the greatest. That’s all there is to it.

  29. Yeah, Seikon no Quasar arrive date :D Thanks Chartfag :D

  30. Chartfag, you’re the best like I wonder how you do it :) I just did a gigantic thingy on v2 today lol, fuck my life. Anyways, I guess I only have like 3 more shows to cover for the preview :p lol

  31. i just watch the legend of koizumi (webcast) about 7 min show…
    is what on your list the TV version?
    or it has really started and not on feb 26th?

  32. Butbutbut, January the 4th is not Saturday, it’s Monday; and the 5th is Tuesday, not Sunday…

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