Fall 2010, oh lawdy

Were I not graced with these brilliantly written and thoughtfully constructed additions, I would be unable to continue my divine mission of arranging and re-arranging vague summaries of japanese cartoons on an A4 page.

That aside, here is the actual chart. It’s good to see that rather than wait for some lazy moron to finally throw together some text and images, some people actually went ahead and made their own chart (much thanks to Cart Driver for that), meaning people can still easily access info on the next season without having to pointlessly wait. And of course, the various bloggers who put together their previews,  as well as contributors at places such as  Fansub Wiki, Moetron and Animesuki are responsible for bringing that info to a wider audience. Without those guys it would be much harder.

OVAs probably in the next version, editable batch file will be here at some point too. If you see any mistakes in this version, please point them out :x – Dates and stuff i’ll properly document in the next version.

~ by Chartfag on August 20, 2010.

66 Responses to “Fall 2010, oh lawdy”

  1. It’s difficult to find well-informed people for this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  2. Dear Chartfag, how soon will new chart come?
    (Just tell date or don’t tell, I’m not trying hurry up you)


  4. wheres v2 you nigger

  5. About Shakugan no Shana Third it will be on Fall 2011

    First Season (Re-Air) – Fall 2010
    Second Season (Re-Air) – Spring 2011
    Third Season (New Season) – Fall 2011

  6. Where’s v2, did he die? Why the fuck do I have to read these comments?

  7. Since we still seem to be lacking a .PSD version of the list…went ahead and made one. – http://bit.ly/ddte7m

  8. Any ETA on the chart with air dates?
    Thanks a lot for your work, by the way.

  9. What about editables for translators?

  10. mmmh, what about Chinka???

  11. 神급~!!
    앞으로도 부탁합니다!!

  12. spanish version please!!

  13. 30 september soul eater 2º season do chart any version 2?

  14. Hey..can someone please lead me to a site where i can get anime logos like the one use for this chart…its seem awesome…thx guys..thx chartfag for bringing this chart to us

  15. thanks for the hard work =]
    you make the world of anime easier for those who can’t read or are too lazy too XD =D

  16. Yozakura Quartet OVA too exit in this autumn ( you’ll include in the version 2, i think )

  17. thanks man, even if you were late we still appreciate your hard work in these charts.

    Arabic Version

  18. thanks

  19. V2 WHERE

  20. Sora no Otoshimono Series: Forte opens on October 1 this year

  21. Thanks for the work you put into making the chart, always good to have some decent anime to look forward to.

  22. Since Spring 2011 came to more anime to display

  23. What’s the name of the Anime to the right of Letter Bee?

  24. I saw this and…WTF, it isn’t April : http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/8571/yah6.jpg

  25. Thanks for the good job!

  26. Wasn’t Shakugan no Shana season 3 supposed to come this fall too?

  27. the release of Pokemon best wishes is 23 September this year

  28. Ohh Gracias por el aporte, disculpa puedo poner tu imagen en mi blog, la direccion esta en mi comentario, por cierto si tienes el .psd yo hago la traduccion a español. Espero tu respuesta

    Thanks for the post, sorry I can put your picture on my blog, the address is in my comments, so if you have the. Psd I do the translation into Spanish. I hope your answer

  29. Thanks as always, dude!
    Fall season can’t come soon enough.

    This season’s actually the first one in a long while where there’s nothing that I’m really enjoying. Some series are at most okay.

    Looks like Fall season has enough anime to fulfill my hunger a bit. The new noitaminA anime looks at least interesting enough and Bakuman’s already worth watching if only to see if JC Staff is turning it into a love comedy. Than we haven’t even talked about the new Gainax anime…

  30. wheres hourou musuko you nigger?

  31. Eres dios!!!, gracias por el aporte.

    Ypu are God!!! thanks for the post

  32. Thanks, just thanks.

  33. Thanks a ton. Chartfag is the best!

  34. When is the Spring chart coming? I hear they’ll be releasing a pre-view snippet of gundam Unicron ep 2.

  35. thanks!

    spanish version please :)

  36. Fall 2010 whit claymore is a fake???

  37. Wow there’s just way too much to look forward this Fall. But anyway, great job as always!

  38. hmm, your chart’s still the best one!

  39. MM IS SEPTEMBER?!?!?! WHART!!!??!?
    That made my day, cheers (>^.^)>

  40. Oh joy, I can update my fall review with your charts. Btw, air dates have been announced of the following:
    MM! – 26th Sep
    Arakawa s02 – 3rd Oct (not 4)
    Star Driver – Oct 10
    Kuragehime – Oct 14
    Soredemo machi – Oct 7

  41. oh boy what a crappy season a head. and thx for the list, of course

  42. Thanks for making this list! ^_^
    Great anime upcoming this year!

  43. Chartfag is back lol finally?

  44. WHAT!!! I can’t read THIS!! half of the words are in like fucking chinESE??

    …just trollin, thanks for the pictures and words. You sexy beast.

  45. Well my fall season list is looking like this:

    –Toaru Majutsu no Index II: Only natural I watch my favorite series
    –Bakuman: Love the manga. Hoping the anime meets expectations
    –Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Very interesting series. I enjoy the manga very much.
    –Shinrei Tantei Yakumo: Sounds like a pretty good mystery anime.
    –Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga nai: The title piqued my interests.
    –Sora no Otoshimono: Forte: The first season made me lol
    –Iron Man: WHY THE FUCK NOT
    –Star Driver: Bone + Action + FABULOUS hair = Yes please.
    –Togainu no Chi: Maybe… if the boys love is not heavy
    –Fortune Arterial: For the lulz
    –Motto To-Love-Ru: To pass time and boners. Oh and I read the manga.
    –MM!: S no M
    –Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls: Sounds like an ecchi-er Sekirei. Preparing body now.
    –Yosuga no Sora: Just because.
    –Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu: Season carry over
    –Amagami SS: Season carry over
    –Shiki: Season carry over
    –Nurariyon no Mago: Season carry over

  46. Oh, and another in the description for “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute!”:
    “. is younger sister…”
    add an ‘H’ to make it ‘His’

  47. Small typo in the description for Hakuouki Season 2:
    “In search of her father, Chizuru see a Shinsengumi member transform into an ogre.”
    ‘see’ should be ‘sees’
    Keep up the good work!

  48. As always, thanks a whole lot!


  50. Thanks alot for your wonderful charts as always ^.^

    Btw, what’s up with Japan having no new shows in September, them all starting in October/…? >.<

    I am disappoint

    • Hetalia is in September, but as for the rest, it’s nothing unusual. There’s a new batch of shows every three months, that’s how it goes.

  51. and… this chart is real. no phoenix wright, biscuit hammer, yotsuba&, deadman wonder and misterious girlfriend it seems. (it’s impossible anyway)

  52. Ive always greatly appreciated your chart that you make out of a labour of love. To all the haters bitching about delays in the chart release just fyi this generous blogger does not owe you shit and you should not feel entitled



  54. chartFAG is alive

  55. Ah, looks like we finally got a new chart :)

    Thanks, I was waiting on this one.

    It looks like there have been quite a few bloggers who’ve put up their own season previews in the meantime. Here’s a few of them, for those that are curious:





  56. Hey cool, now I don’t need to make a V2 :)

  57. thank for the hardwork

  58. thanks!

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