Spring 2011

The magnificent nelson☆彡 and The Cart Driver provide a preview of Spring 2011, for those interested. Praise their enthusiasm.

Nelson - Spring 2011

Nelson - Spring 2011

The Cart Driver - Spring 2011

~ by Chartfag on January 13, 2011.

11 Responses to “Spring 2011”

  1. It is your colourful blog that brings me a lot of knowledge about living.

  2. v3 of cowboybibimbop / Nelson’s chart:

  3. Thanks for posting them!

  4. Here I fixed the description for Lotte no Omocha to it’s less misleading. It’s the one from ANN. Sorry for the low image quality.

  5. Here’s a much better description of Lotte’s Toy.


  6. Whatever happened to Kaiji Season 2? Wasn’t it supposed to come out this April?

  7. Here is v3 of the green chart:

  8. hellsing ova failed

  9. Lord, mine looks so lacking compared to Nelsons :(

  10. hmm..x-men (wolverine, iron man, now this..), appleseed (most probably this will be in that strange cell cgi, again) and something new from Nakamura.Kuuchuu Buranko was shit, but i have hope for that guy :)
    too bad nothing interesting in OVAs, movies (GitS SAC 3D? why!?but then, GitS SAC in 3D(hope that not CGI 3D, as that abomination they did with 1st movie)!)

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