Spring 2011 – *Update*

April is approaching, so here are the updated versions of the Spring 11 preview charts, provided by the superb nelson☆彡 and The Cart Driver respectively.

Remember that the recent Earthquake in Japan may have an effect on the times and dates of some anime, the actions of studios and TV stations, and content within some shows may possibly lead to episodes or series being rescheduled or even censored in some cases (scenes of disaster aren’t going to be particularly popular right now). Nothing major seems to have happened to the industry or schedule so far, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Images are squashed because I am lazy
Nelson - Spring 2011 V4

Nelson - Spring 2011 V4

The Cart Driver - Spring 2011 V3

~ by Chartfag on March 21, 2011.

7 Responses to “Spring 2011 – *Update*”

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  2. Where is “Berserk”?!

  3. Thank you for posting! <3

  4. As usual, the chartfag delivers.

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  6. Will you be finishing up the last decade charts ?

  7. Yeah… I do not have the time to watch all of this.

    On another note, Fuck yeah! New Hamtaro!

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