Summer 11 *update*

Nelson has V2 of his chart, and we have another chart from, with a Russian alternative too.

This season sees all the big name studios back in one season together, so it should be an interesting one.

Nelson V2

~ by Chartfag on May 29, 2011.

18 Responses to “Summer 11 *update*”

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  2. :)

  3. ok, this is done and gone. NEXT SEASON PLEASE!!!


    Is this real? Among the new anime it shows sequels for Working, Bakuman and Shakugan No Shana as well as a prequel to Fate/stay night.

  5. Here’s v3, which ought to be the final Hope to have the Fall chart out very soon! Thx~

  6. No shaft though

  7. nice thx again for all ur hard work on this chart

  8. I miss them add to the list anime persona 4 the animation coming out in July

  9. Not sure if this is the right place to do this, but since it was used for stuff like this in the past…
    I made a brazillian portuguese version of Nelson’s chart (of course, crediting him for the original).

    And it’s editable

  10. Just put up a new version tonight :)

    • Aaaawesome, thanks man. Your charts are so much better than that one with the shit unrelated moe art on it. Keep up the awesome work!

    • @cowboybibimbop

      I hope you’ll always post the new versions here, because it is near impossible to sort through your twitter account to find updates to the chart.

  11. It’s quite fewer than spring season huh, but it seems that there’s a lot of promising ones

  12. How about this?

    • Well, it’s basically the same thing, just in other format…lol… tnx nevertheless

      • But, I don’t think that the anime list for this season will expand further, all the versions i see have the same animes, so here you have it.

  13. Nice one!! Almost everything is based on LN’s i see! Wonder if they’ll put a V2 on that.

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