Fall (or Autumn, if you will) 2011 preview charts

Shit is hitting the fan everywhere this year, but at least the anime selection is looking decent. Thanks to everyone for putting effort into making these charts and keeping us all updated on what’s coming up :)

Popo !59.2//u/7M


Nelson / cowboybibimbop

!AtxPjhxTcc / atxpieces

Popo !59.2//u/7M

~ by Chartfag on August 13, 2011.

17 Responses to “Fall (or Autumn, if you will) 2011 preview charts”

  1. still waiting Bakuman 2 :3 that’s comedy anime make me laughing dude haha :D

  2. Hey, not to be a killjoy, but isn’t the website’s name a bit… rude?

    …Wow, I sound stupid.

  3. Did Nelson ever make a Winter 2012 chart?

  4. i follow almost all anime in this season thanks for providing release info :)

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  7. Thank you

  8. another prince of tennis movie!!! yay!

  9. I hope that’s a Lupin series and not a special…

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  11. Please let lupin be a series

    lupin lupin

  12. Hey, this is Popo. I’m a little surprised that you ended up with my chart. I guess I should actually finish it.

    You can find updates here:

    I suppose I’ll update it sometime.

  13. Just a huge thanks from like 10 people here at GSU. Great lists. Live by ’em.

  14. Thanks mate for uploading these

  15. YEAH! LUPIN!

  16. waiting Hunter X Hunter :3


    Bakuman 2 (manga was nice :3)
    Kimi to Boku (Another K-ON? but with male characters and without music band ^^)
    Guilty Crown (idk lol :( mb mb ^^)

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