“What is this I dont even..” (about me)

Resident of 4chan, cccasional tripfag: Chartfag. Known as “Denizen” on some forums.

Until Summer 08, we only really had badly artifacted compilation images stolen from japanese imageboards to use when looking at upcoming stuff. Most of our time was spent figuring out what the anime was, what it was like, and its name. So, I, with too much time on my hands decided “why not just make our own?”, and so I made a Summer 08 preview with the line-up described on a few blogs here and there, but with studios, descriptions and actual names. woopee.

Looking back, it was pretty crap. So since then, I have tried to make it better, mainly by cramming as much information as possible into a small space, so the viewer isn’t faced with XBOXHUEG files, abridging plot summaries, adding dates, and generally making it much clearer, especially a distinction between OVAs and movies. As an added benefit, due to Moetron’s list, I decided to add continuing OVAs (didn’t bother with hentai, though)

I didn’t bother with any sort of website, thinking that the constant userbase of 4chan and the various anime bloggers on the net would suffice, but after seeing various people ask for a definitive SAUCE on these things, I made a crappy blog to host them.

So yeah, check this site for any updates in the future regarding the charts. If you want to check out the upcoming line-up yourself, follow the links on the right,  as these are pretty much my four key sources for these charts (besides the official sites themselves). I would use Moonphase, but I have no reliable means of deciphering the runes.

Also, if you want to get in touch with me for any reason, this is the place to do so. Recently I had a polish guy ask me for the original file so he could make his own language version of this chart – i’m happy to send it to people should they want to alter it. Suggestions are nice too.

What I use: Fireworks MX (i’m obviously too cool for Photoshop)

44 Responses to ““What is this I dont even..” (about me)”

  1. I visit this site multiple times before the start of every season. It has become my definitive resource for seeing what new anime will air next.

    Thank you.

  2. thanks to your site and for keeping all of us updated… l0ve y0ur site so much! :)

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  4. Hi, I’m really impressed with what you are doing. And I’d like to translate in French from now on every chart that are coming. Would you mind if I do so? If not can I have the original file to make the translation cleaner?

    Thanks a lot!

  5. do you know if some of the anime series put in this poster (http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/6080/12779710.jpg) are really going to be released?

  6. I found your site (actually one of your charts) from Ayumikat and I’m kind of impressed of this site idea. Thank you for doing this. Now I wouldn’t have to be fooled by any other chart with fake anime debuts. =m=”””

  7. The anime charts are awesome but the name ‘Chartfag’s Den of Lesbian Enterprise’ is misleading to those who haven’t heard of this place and seen the charts.

    Also because fag is a slur for a homosexual or effeminate man, or a person who is acting like an asshole, depending on culture and/or context it means that some Moderators at some forum messageboards might warn people who have posted the charts just because of the word ‘fag’.

    • Then that’s their fault :P
      If people treat “fag” as an offensive word then it will stay one, why not change that way of thinking?

  8. Is this real, or is this fake?

    (BTW, sorry if this posted again, it didn’t seem to go through before)

  9. I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it that way.

  10. hi you have maked something awesome i still amazed with this i really apreaciate what you do hope you kept doint if ^^

  11. All I have to do is echo other people’s comment of gratitude and marvel to the quality of works you put out. They are all really pretty to look at, very concise and provide a useful guide to each season / year. So many animes out there to keep up and you really make it a lot easier for everyone. Thank you!

    On the side note, I have been trying to compile a definitive list of all animes ever produced in 2000s for various analysis I feel compelled to do (my blog is all about them pretty much). To do this, I have so far used wikipedia’s list of anime by year since I cannot find any source (even ANN) that does the list as well as that. However, I recently got around to finding your site and when i cross-checked the series from 2000 to 2002 from your list with that of Wikipedia, I came to realize that the wikipedia list actually misses out about 10-25 anime series each year. However, I don’t think you have done a list for 2004-7 yet and I want to ask what source to do you in order to come up with such definitive list of anime shows that came out. I would really appreciate you sharing the sources as when I do this analysis, I really want to be as definitive as I can (and wiki is definitely not quite up to that superlative task!). I look forward to hearing from you.

    • How strange that ANN doesn’t serve you well, since that’s basically what I have been using (rather embarrassingly, but as far as I can see nothing else has such a comprehensive and useful list). It has a great List option that basically shows every entry they have.

      THIS is basically the full list of TV shows (OVAs, Specials and Movies having a different classification)
      And THIS is more this decade (but in reverse and with limited results, to cut out the other decades)

      Just play around with the options and you should get the info you want. I expect that there are some anime so obscure that not even ANN knows about them, but otherwise most of it seems to be there.

      • Thank you very much for the pointing me to the right direction! Obviously I have not looked hard enough previously:)

        If an anime is so obscure that ANN does not have it, I say it is safe to assume it might as well not exist…

  12. Any plans for Summer 2010?

    Can understand if Real Life has gotten in the way, but we have always enjoyed your work.

    Best wishes,


  13. Hey Chartfag, I have something to talk about with you. Send me an e-mail with your MSN or something or contact me on IRC, okay?

  14. Dear Chartfag.

    Hello. I’m a resident of /co/. And I was wondering, if maybe you could give me some pointers on how to make a chart for /co/mics and stuff. If you want to help me out, let me know and maybe we could e-mail back and forth or something!

    Thanks again!

  15. and all this time I was wondering who is the genius behind those lovely charts, chartfag.. you are the man!

  16. http://www.animekon.com/release-dates.html
    help you with your spring chart

  17. Just wanted to say that your site is close to PERFECTION!!! Keep up with the good work faggie-kun!

  18. chartfag,

    Just wanted to thank you for your time spent on this wonderful project, ever since I found out about this site, i have been viewing it on regular basis.

    Thanks again for your hard work :D

  19. http://zip.4chan.org/a/res/27725744.html

    ^– come on, Chartfag.

  20. Great work chartfag! It is so colorful and magazine-like, it makes for an awesome read.

    Will be putting up the links on my blog.. http://tarinai-da.blogspot.com/

  21. Heyas!

    Are you interested in doing an interview? I have a Animepedia site where I’m building up a section where I showcase sites, do interviews and I want to know if you would like to partipate. [Please?] It’s a fairly new section, but I loveeeeeeee your site and the charts you produce.

    Here’s the initial page: http://thabakapedia.com/tha-baka-daily/whos-who-in-tha-community/

    The interview is basically “short to the point” questions — because I try not to take up too much of anyone’s time :-D and if you agree to do the interview, I’ll send the questions to you via email.

    Thanks in advance!


  22. cool nice site

  23. i think im the 1st to ejaculate over your charts lol1!

  24. fag you!

  25. Have you ever thought of making a “website” version of your charts ?
    I’ll be more easier to update … If you’re interested, I’d gladly help you

    • I did have an idea for something more interactive, just didn’t have any means of doing so. What sort of website were you thinking of?

      • A website which will display those anime in a “calendar” form, or whatever (display order is customizable). Main options will be the possibility to sort the calendar (by data, by name etc …), an easy way to update it via a control panel, and of course, to have multiple language.

        We can discuss it if you’re interested, you already have my mail ;P

  26. I would like to do the spanish translation of your charts and also I would like to post them as a news in our website Anime.cl with a link to your blog. I need to know if you are agree with the idea and if I can have your permission for do that. If you can send your answer by mail will be great or if you want to answer in this blog also be ok.
    Best regards
    Panda (Anime.cl… the “cl” suffix is for Chile, a country placed in the bottom of South America)

    • Feel free to translate the chart, a spanish translation would be great. Be sure to link back here, if just to let people check updates.

  27. As with others, I’ve seen and used these charts but never knew where they came from until now :)

    Thank’s for spending the time and effort on such quality work. Helps sift through the shit.

    It’s getting easier though since……….. there’s more shit out there (IMO).

    Thank’s again and keep up the solid work!


  28. I kept seeing these charts, and collected them, for months now, and never found where they came from till I got off my lazy ass and went here, lol.

    Great work man, totally bookmarking this site for future use. You make anime all that much better my friend. =-]

  29. Thanks for making these charts, it really helps to decipher what to pick for the following season.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  30. Hey, I saw a chart in an anime magazine so you’re doing something right (either chinese or japanese, I forget)

  31. Thanks for doing this and thanks for continuing improving your charts. I find yours the easiest and very convenient to read compare to some other sites with upcoming anime show info. TQVM

  32. saw the url to this site on 4chan, always wondered where these charts came from…

    This was an amazing idea. Your charts extremely convenient and I find myself relying on them for info on upcoming anime . Thank you very much.

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