Summer 2010 – Version 2

Sorry if the previous title raised hopes, it was just a quick message :I

Anyways, here is the actual V2. Three new anime to be added are Cat Shit One, Stitch 3 and what appears to be “Monster Hunter with Cats”. Oh, Japan. Also new are the Air dates, re-arranged order, and the OVAs and Continuations.

Oh, and a small rant. For some reason, a new and hip trend with Season Lists is to add Months which are not actually a part of that season – whilst the attempt to make Summer four months long is an endearing and naively hopeful idea, it is also an idea that is INCORRECT. September is in Fall – got that? Okay? Thanks.

Editables follow soon~

Summer 2010 Version 2



~ by Chartfag on June 29, 2010.

41 Responses to “Summer 2010 – Version 2”

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  2. I desired to share this particular posting, “Summer
    2010 – Version 2 Chartfag’s Den of Lesbian Enterprise” with my good friends on facebook. I reallyonly just sought to distribute your wonderful posting! Thx, Wilburn

  3. “This server does not support resuming.” WTF? 21st century here folks, dump shitty servers already.

  4. thx, like always.

  5. Anyone know when Osaka Hamlet is going to air? It looks really good, but probably won’t get much attention…

  6. Just notifying you over in case you didn’t know, someone apparently did a Japanese version or something.

    Not sure of the source, but yeah.

  7. Nurarihyon no Mago
    Time for a Summer 2010 V3

  8. thx, like always. Cool work. Anyway I´ve found a german version of a chart, which is not comparable to yoours, but it seems but ok for german.

  9. In Spanish Version, please

  10. Habra version 3?
    Me gustaria que incluyeras un apartado de peliculas como la de ghibli, Karigurashi no Arrietty, colorful, hiyokoi, Loups = Garous.
    (tambien sale una de shippuuden y pokemon)

  11. I see. I thought there is Japanese version of this chart. So all the picture appear is those capture on the official site?

  12. Wow. I just found this site by chance. Thanks for all the good work. I like to know where can i find the raw? Meaning it’s in Japanese? Sorry. My friend wants it as she can’t find.

  13. The third OVA of «Shakugan no Shana S» is out in June.

  14. lol this season sure has a lot of weird ones – potentially weird, based on the titles, at least.

  15. Finished the Arabic version

    thanks Chartfag

  16. thankyou!

  17. Typo: Musuo

  18. Summer ends September 23

  19. I miss the old novel/manga/sequel labels. But thanks for compiling this.

  20. Thanks as always~

  21. Hwerer did you find the info that Zettai Karen Children OVA will be made by XEBEC? The TV series was made by Synergy SP, and the OVA’s animation and character designs look the same.

  22. Told ya peeps, airing dates are a must!! Can’t wait for ookamisan and legend of the legendary heroes XD

  23. Thx for the work.
    One error remains: Strike Witches 2 is set in 1944 or 1945, probably the latter, since the first season was set in 1944, and this is a sequel.

  24. Thanks for the info.
    Nice job done well indeed!

  25. darker than black ova 4?

  26. Seems like Studio Deen is doing more anime about GUYS; as oppose to catering to the reality-challenged otaku and creating loop-murder animu like the “When They Cry…” series.

    Atleast 15% of anime this summer won’t SUCK absolutely.

  27. Hehe I thought catshit one was just a joke you made, so I was… pretty surprised to see it up there. But cat shit one is definitely an… eye-catching name ._.

  28. Now let’s hope that BRS OVA sticks to this date.
    Also, as soon as Kamelot’s new album is released in September I expect some more ‘obscure’ quotes, okay?

  29. I’m still lol’in @ “Cat Shit One”

    Looks awesome but that name…

  30. Sono Hanabira ni kuchizuke wo “Anata to koibito Tsunagi” OVA

  31. Thankyou!

  32. What is with that Mahou Sensei Negima! pic? Looks totally unrelated. And so does this mean Black Rock Shooter is delayed till the July 24? I thought it was originally out on in the summer, so I assumed June 24.

    Anyways, thanks.

  33. thanks for taking the time to compile these charts.

    BTW, maybe katanagatari should be included as a “continuation”, since it’s still being aired.

  34. Kurenai OVA? Full series or a single episode?

    More Negima? They should just let that series die already..

    I think it’s time for me to watch the first season of Kuroshitsuji.

    Ookamisan to Shichinin no Nakamatachi sounds just like Toradora, with girls, who fight for social justice? o.O this is weird.

    “The Legend of the Legendary Heroes”, talk about a stupid title.

    Shukufuku no Campanella had awesome garage kits. I hope this anime will get us those released for sane PVC prices…

    Catshit One looks totally hot. I saw a trailer for it some months back. Eagerly awaiting.

    As always, thank you for compiling this!

  35. tnx

  36. tqvm

  37. Okay, I take back my previous complaint, it’s just that “soon” is a dangerous word. I, for one, interpret it as “maybe a couple of months or something”, thanks to various web admins and game developers. Be careful of that word, man.

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