Winter 2010/11

There’s been a good deal of previews floating around, from various different people, that cover both this new season and the upcoming Spring too. It’s great to see people taking on the ‘responsibility’, if you will, to keep people easily informed on what’s coming up.

Consider me retired, unless the need for new charts arises. I haven’t forgotten the project to document pre-2008 series, but no promises there :)

_ _ _

nelson☆彡 provides a nice visual summary of the current Winter season. Many thanks!

Also feel free to check out these resources for next season information:

  • Moetron – Compilation of good charts. Excellent list of OVA and other information
  • The Fansub Wiki – Good list of upcoming TV series, and information on what groups are going to translate them.

Enjoy the New Year!



(To repeat, this is NOT MINE. Credit goes to nelson☆彡)

I really need to change that banner at the top…

~ by Chartfag on January 5, 2011.

12 Responses to “Winter 2010/11”

  1. Much thanks for all of your hard work. And thanks for the plug. :) Will do my very best with the charts~




  3. Thanks for taking he time to compile all the info into a great chart over the years! It’s been really helpful and sad to see you go.

    thanks again!

  4. Aw, thank you for all your charts over the years.
    I feel so lost without them.

  5. Thanks for all your work over the years :)

  6. nelson☆彡 has a chart for Spring 2011 too.

  7. Thankz for the hard work..=D

  8. Fuck, you can’t leave us! None of the replacements are well.. chartfag his! I thank thee for all thy hard work over the years, but man, when someone asks about “info on the new season”, the answer comes within an instant. The answer being? “chartfag” :(.

  9. Thanks alot mate for doing this

  10. thanks :)

  11. Thanks! Chart looks good – let’s hope the season as well would be enjoyable.

  12. Thanks for all your work, and happy new year~

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