I’m shiiiit

Sort of haven’t bothered with the V2 of Fall, mostly due to moving into Uni, gaining what resembles an actual life and then some extra work on top of that, leading to a neglect I only noticed when the large amount of Fall anime suddenly appeared online, at that point adding any extra info a fairly redundant idea.

I might do Winter, but no promises. In the case that I don’t continue these charts, I think enough of a precedent has been set that someone else will pick up the task – in which case, “my work is done”.  Right now i’ll be subtly pressuring The Cart Driver to do just that, who is doing a great job, so I recommend you all take advantage of his nifty preview charts.

Those charts of 2000-2009 are also up in the air, but I promise to at least think about it…

~ by Chartfag on October 20, 2010.

47 Responses to “I’m shiiiit”

  1. Have a great new year, may the best of luck be with you.

  2. This is what I’ve been using lately. http://anicharts.com

  3. good luck with college and life. my classes were hard as hell. couldn’t get my fix of anime this fall (withdrawal symptoms are already showing themselves)

  4. but…. THE WORlD NEEDS YOU ! !

  5. Lots of thanks, good luck in life!

  6. Awww, this will be really sad. Your charts were the most beautiful too :D
    Well, I just hope that when you put your real life in an order, you’ll think about continuing your work here! You’ve done a great job so far!


  8. Спасибо, за всё жаль что твои чарты закончились.

    PS From Russia with love :3

  9. I love your charts, but all good things must come to an end, and such I bid you farewell.

  10. yo. we miss you. ;)

  11. Man, u can’t do that, ur chart is fucking worldwide man!
    It’s the only trustble font that we got to check our paln to watch series, plus is the best job ever made when it comes to chart…

    I’ll just use Hypocrite’s phrase “If you won’t continue, I’ ll discontinue my life.”
    I understand that u need to do things on ur real life, but will left a HUGE white blank at this place.
    Pls reconsider the idea ^^

  12. actual life? teh internet doesn’t give a shit. just work your lazy ass. we need those 2000-2008 chart.

    but don’t worry, i’m not with teh internet. so if someone sent you a deaththreat, it ain’t me lol

  13. So….do you enjoy Kamelot’s new album?

    I also recommend to check out Seventh Wonder’s new record The Great Escape. AOTY for me.

  14. nice jobs your done so far, but hope u can continue or give the jobs to other….

  15. hello
    thank you for your work
    is this mean the end of chartfag??
    sorry for any mistakes, I do not speak very good English!

  16. Wow. goodluck in ur new proyect bro. Thanxk alot
    Buena suerte en tu vida nos dejaa un vacio te debemos todo

  17. If you won’t continue, I’ ll discontinue my life.

  18. :( but your charts are the best

  19. Also, uni life isn’t that busy.
    People have plenty of spare time in uni…

  20. I’m gonna bitch slap you if it doesn’t come here.

  21. Thanks for your hard work. Your charts were always a pleasure, I’ll definitevely miss them if your decision is irrevocable fallen. But I wish you all the best. Ganbatte for your uni-life.

  22. Everything has an end. Thanks for all.

  23. Speaking of replacement charts, Zana over at Neregate does some pretty nice looking ones. He even makes interactive flash portions if you’re into that kind of thing.

    Hopefully you’ll still be in business, though. I like your style of chart the best.

  24. Thanks, Chartfag. Hope you do well in uni-it’s more important than spoon-feeding us sons of bitches over at /a/, anyways. Good luck.

  25. Thanks for all your hard work, but I think there are some people more fit to take on your legacy than The Cart Driver.
    Take this guy for example: http://yfrog.com/f/6dt3pij/

  26. Thanks!

  27. [quote]gaining what resembles an actual life[/quote]

    i think you’ve misunderstood something about uni life.

  28. Nooooo! Please don’t go! Your charts a4re so much better than all the other ones! I beg of you! Please don’t leave!

  29. otsukaresama deshita/thanks for all your hard work/terima kasih atas kerja kerasnya

    just to let you know that your hard works has been followed by people from.. lets say, some faraway place ;)

  30. THanks for all the hard work.

  31. your charts are cooler =[

  32. Thanks for all your hard work. *bows*

  33. I hope you’ll be able to finish the 2000-2009 charts;
    They have proven to be very helpful on rainy days ;)

  34. I looked at Cart Driver’s preview charts while awaiting your V2 and was rather disappointed. Maybe with you pressure the quality will pick up a bit though. Anyway, thanks for all the charts up to now and any you make in the future.

  35. Bad news I think. That Cart Driver guy sucks mayor dick.

  36. If you stop making these chart, I’ll kick you in the mouth so hard you’ll shit boots for a year.


  38. Should that be your choice, I will miss your clever humor and (ch)art style.

  39. That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.

  40. Man, you important people sure like getting too busy to do what you’d usually do when people start expecting things of you. But I’m glad that you admit you might not be up for the job anymore and recommended someone else. The availability of preview charts in general have increased significantly since you started this blog, so creating the model which everyone else could follow and build upon is more than enough for you to be able to quit any time with a good conscience. Thanks for all.

  41. No pressure right ;)

  42. all the best and wishes for you,thank for your hard work

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