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As you can probably guess, i’ve sort of forgotten about this site – the reason mainly because there’s little reason to actually update it anymore. Plenty of anime sites and blogs have more than enough information on upcoming shows, and broadcast that information well. And although i’ve stopped making these info charts, it seems they’ve inspired a bunch of people to make their own and keep the tradition alive amongst /a/ and other sites, for which was the entire reason for my little project – they are much more tedious to compile than it looks, so i’m glad there are other still willing to put the effort in. People have even gone ahead and made charts for previous years, and they’ll be floating around somewhere i’m sure.

So to anyone who actually still checks this site anymore that isn’t a russian bot, or did, I appreciate the support, and once again a big thanks to the guys who have decided to continue to make preview charts.

~ Chartfag

EDIT: I have no intention of actually closing this thing so whatever I posted should still be online indefinitely. Oh, and thanks for the replies, I am surprised at the significant amount of response! You are all bros.

As for sources for charts, I can’t really find any aggregates of the gorrillion different versions floating around (do inform if you find any), so i’ll just post some links:

There are even more i’ve seen on /a/ and other places too, including some crafty troll charts that no doubt fooled some people. If you know of any sites devoted to translations of charts then i’ll stick them up here too.

Also check out some of those links on the right for some decent sources, such as the Mahou Showtime active schedule (very handy for live streams), the FanSubWiki for subs, and other various informative places.

Thanks all!

Fall (or Autumn, if you will) 2011 preview charts

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Shit is hitting the fan everywhere this year, but at least the anime selection is looking decent. Thanks to everyone for putting effort into making these charts and keeping us all updated on what’s coming up :)

Popo !59.2//u/7M


Nelson / cowboybibimbop

!AtxPjhxTcc / atxpieces

Popo !59.2//u/7M

Summer 11 *update*

•May 29, 2011 • 18 Comments

Nelson has V2 of his chart, and we have another chart from animechart.desu.ru, with a Russian alternative too.

This season sees all the big name studios back in one season together, so it should be an interesting one.

Nelson V2



Spring 2011 – *Update*

•March 21, 2011 • 7 Comments

April is approaching, so here are the updated versions of the Spring 11 preview charts, provided by the superb nelson☆彡 and The Cart Driver respectively.

Remember that the recent Earthquake in Japan may have an effect on the times and dates of some anime, the actions of studios and TV stations, and content within some shows may possibly lead to episodes or series being rescheduled or even censored in some cases (scenes of disaster aren’t going to be particularly popular right now). Nothing major seems to have happened to the industry or schedule so far, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Images are squashed because I am lazy
Nelson - Spring 2011 V4

Nelson - Spring 2011 V4

The Cart Driver - Spring 2011 V3

Spring 2011

•January 13, 2011 • 11 Comments

The magnificent nelson☆彡 and The Cart Driver provide a preview of Spring 2011, for those interested. Praise their enthusiasm.

Nelson - Spring 2011

Nelson - Spring 2011

The Cart Driver - Spring 2011

Winter 2010/11

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There’s been a good deal of previews floating around, from various different people, that cover both this new season and the upcoming Spring too. It’s great to see people taking on the ‘responsibility’, if you will, to keep people easily informed on what’s coming up.

Consider me retired, unless the need for new charts arises. I haven’t forgotten the project to document pre-2008 series, but no promises there :)

_ _ _

nelson☆彡 provides a nice visual summary of the current Winter season. Many thanks!

Also feel free to check out these resources for next season information:

  • Moetron – Compilation of good charts. Excellent list of OVA and other information
  • The Fansub Wiki – Good list of upcoming TV series, and information on what groups are going to translate them.

Enjoy the New Year!



(To repeat, this is NOT MINE. Credit goes to nelson☆彡)

I really need to change that banner at the top…

I’m shiiiit

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Sort of haven’t bothered with the V2 of Fall, mostly due to moving into Uni, gaining what resembles an actual life and then some extra work on top of that, leading to a neglect I only noticed when the large amount of Fall anime suddenly appeared online, at that point adding any extra info a fairly redundant idea.

I might do Winter, but no promises. In the case that I don’t continue these charts, I think enough of a precedent has been set that someone else will pick up the task – in which case, “my work is done”.  Right now i’ll be subtly pressuring The Cart Driver to do just that, who is doing a great job, so I recommend you all take advantage of his nifty preview charts.

Those charts of 2000-2009 are also up in the air, but I promise to at least think about it…