Fall 2010, oh lawdy

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Were I not graced with these brilliantly written and thoughtfully constructed additions, I would be unable to continue my divine mission of arranging and re-arranging vague summaries of japanese cartoons on an A4 page.

That aside, here is the actual chart. It’s good to see that rather than wait for some lazy moron to finally throw together some text and images, some people actually went ahead and made their own chart (much thanks to Cart Driver for that), meaning people can still easily access info on the next season without having to pointlessly wait. And of course, the various bloggers who put together their previews,  as well as contributors at places such as  Fansub Wiki, Moetron and Animesuki are responsible for bringing that info to a wider audience. Without those guys it would be much harder.

OVAs probably in the next version, editable batch file will be here at some point too. If you see any mistakes in this version, please point them out :x – Dates and stuff i’ll properly document in the next version.

One more thing.

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A small update of sorts – this chart’s been appearing online, which is accurate as far as I can see, so providing you can read the moonrunes then it’s a reliable source of info (I assume, anyway)

Japanese Fall10

Japanese Fall10

As for the English version, it’s coming along, just don’t hold your breath :I

Summer 2010 – Version 2

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Sorry if the previous title raised hopes, it was just a quick message :I

Anyways, here is the actual V2. Three new anime to be added are Cat Shit One, Stitch 3 and what appears to be “Monster Hunter with Cats”. Oh, Japan. Also new are the Air dates, re-arranged order, and the OVAs and Continuations.

Oh, and a small rant. For some reason, a new and hip trend with Season Lists is to add Months which are not actually a part of that season – whilst the attempt to make Summer four months long is an endearing and naively hopeful idea, it is also an idea that is INCORRECT. September is in Fall – got that? Okay? Thanks.

Editables follow soon~

Summer 2010 Version 2




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Summer ’10

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Done and dusted, and half a month late. Ah well, at least I did it.

OVAs and what not may follow eventually. I’ll also have a batch of editables soon for translating and such.


Summer 10

Visual anime guide for Summer 10


– Editable Versions (batch) –

~ Thank you to everyone who provides translations, and makes season previews accessible to more people :)

Spring V2

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You know the drill, late etc.

Here is Version 2. There aren’t many changes, apart from new shows and OVAs. The most noticeable difference is that Ironman was wrongly pegged for April, when it’s in fact scheduled for another season (same goes for Wolverine in turn). Interestingly, Romance of the Three Kingdoms is confirmed to air this season now, alongside Rainbow from a year ago.

Anyways, enjoy. Seeing as this is a fairly conclusive list, a V3 probably won’t be needed.

– Brazilian Version

– Russian Version

– Arabic Version

Spring '10

Spring '10

Please feel free to translate this chart into other languages:

PNG file for editing with Fireworks

Photoshoppable (maybe, lol)

(fonts used: Candela Book, Mentone, Corbel)

Spring 2010 v1

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I’ve decided to put OVAs in earlier this time, due to the fact that whilst TV series may take a few months, OVA dates can be quite early.

Spring 2010 Visual Anime Guide

Spring '10

The absolute law of the universe dictates that there will be mistakes and stupid obvious errors, so please point them out so I can correct them.

As said before:

  • Kuroshitsuji is in July.
  • Strike Witches is not airing this season.
  • Sekirei is not airing this season.
  • Even if movies are apparently “released” on a certain date, they are usually in theatres and so won’t be released online anywhere near the date.
  • 2000-2009 charts are coming along somehow